Retrofit of scrubbers and BWTS is a highly complex and demanding projects, which are govern by a strong regulatory rules both on the retrofit process and on the final results and system performance and in NTX we have the experience and the qualified personnel providing the full set of services for retrofit projects in marine industry.

On this background, for the last few years, the companies within NTX group have successfully performed of more than 260 BWTS and 80 Scrubber retrofits for many of the leading ship operators and ship owners.




During the project our main focus by selecting the best solutions to reduce the costs; to improve the quality of retrofit process; to save time and to keep at minimum all unnecessary modifications.

By early customer engagement and preparation work, including the utilisation of 3D scanning technology, completion of detailed engineering and prefabrication of modules before the vessel schedule date for the retrofit is reducing both the vessel ’s time spent in the shipyard and the total costs for the retrofit.



Our services cover all the stages of the retrofit process:



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