Design & Engineering


Integrated design solutions for the offshore and maritime industry.


"The design is inevitable ... and nothing is more cheaper than the good design and nothing is more expensive than the bad design."





In Navaltex Technology Group we provide a comprehensive naval architecture and marine engineering services over the entire ship's lifecycle from new building, through conversions, upgrades and retrofits.

Our projects range from initial vessel design and preparation of class approval design packages, through to the preparation of complete detailed design and production engineering solutions for the offshore industry, shipowners, and shipyards.






Our key services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Design
  • Class Approval Documents
  • Initial and Basic Design
  • Production Design
  • Systems design and specifications
  • Vessel Conversions and Modifications Design
  • Advanced Structural Analysis

Design and detailed drawings of deck equipment, fitting-up, manhole, ladders, doors, stairs, rails and foundations. Ventilation Ducts routing and supports, Drainsystem routing and supports, Cable Trays routing and supports. Special foundation design for the Life- Boats. Supervision of production drawings.
NB1363/1364 GENESIS Passenger Vessel
Scope of work: Positioning and foundation modelling for the equipment in Engine Room, Casing and Bow Thruster Room . Pipe Line arrangements, routing and isometric drawing issues for all the systems in Engine Room, Casing and Bow Thruster Room. Tank and Pipe Arrangement. Layout drawings. Foundation drawings.
N817 - PSV 07 CD
B819 - CLV 01
Scope of work: Arrangement of Watertight Sliding doors, Chain lockers. Foundations for Windlasses and Tugger Winches.Cranes Arrangement drawings.
N827 - PSV 06 LNG
Scope of work: Hull Detail Design and preparation of workshop documentation
Scope of work: Hull Detail Design; Preparation of workshop documentation
N818 - DSV
Scope of work: Outfitting of the superstructure. Positioning and foundation modelling for all the equipment, Insulation and Panels, Pipeline arrangements, routing and isometric drawings for all the systems.
N830 - OSCV

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