Marine Operations

We have the experience and knowledge in providing a wide spectrum of support services for planning and execution of marine operations.  This can include the load-out, transportation and installation of offshore oil and gas facilities, the decommissioning and removal of offshore structures, offshore wind farms, ports and harbours and general maritime transportation.


Our key services include:


  • Analyses and Assessments
  • Planning and design of the operation
  • Preparing of Guidelines, Specification and Manuals
  • Design of temporary structures
  • Verification of objects for temporary phases
  • Verification of vessels
  • Design of reinforcements in objects and vessels
  • Provision of personnel to the clients to assist with a project or to manage specific marine operations.
Stability of the vessel during Launching of “FCV 2000D work class ROV” with TMS IV system using GUERRA M 380.24A5 crane.
Launching of “FCV 2000D work class ROV”

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