To be able to provide state of the art solutions, you need to innovate. These innovations come through the research and development made in-house and in cooperation with external research organizations and maritime universities as Technical University of Varna and IST Lisbon and taking part in join industry national and international research programs.

We have adopted an online system for Project Management, giving the possibility to the client to monitor the project in real time in all the details on every task and milestone. All the participant in the project (client, classification society and authorities, naval architects, subcontractors, detail design teams etc.) have access to the system and the project data, but in an restricted extend to only that they need to have information and have to work on. The client have access to the files and the documents developed during project, as they are being developed in real time and can interact directly with the naval architects and the working group via the discussion boards within the project environment.

Scanning of the ship's geometry, structures and systems and reconstruction in a 3D model for precise project development without the need of the ship to be in presence. The accurate model and the precise design save time and money later during the actual conversion and modification.

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